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Manage Openings

The manage openings menu allows you to create, rename, copy or delete an opening.


Allows you to delete the selected opening.


Allows you to duplicate the selected opening. The stats are not copied, only the moves.


Allows you to rename the selected opening or assign it to a different parent folder.


Allows you to edit the selected opening by deleting or entering new moves for this opening.


Allows you to create a new opening. You must select a color, an opening name and the parent folder for this opening.


The presence of the symbol * preceding the name of an opening indicates that this opening was created using an older version of the application (prior to version 4.4.0). These openings do not support:

- full sub-branch deletion when deleting a move;

- transpositions involving a pawn jump move leaving an en-passant square that cannot be attacked.

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