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Chess Openings Trainer

In chess, a winning game plan starts with the first move. The goal in the opening of a chess game is to reach a good position with which you are comfortable. It doesn't matter how creative you may be in the middle game or endgame if you lose the opening.

​Chess Openings Trainer is a mobile app that allows you to create a complete chess opening repertoire and practice it everywhere you go.

It uses an advanced memorizing technique called spaced repetition.
The app is able to identify the positions for which you are having problems and helps you to correct these weaknesses by using an effective pattern of repetitions. 
It uses an advanced memorizing technique called spaced repetition.

The concept is very simple and easy to use: you have to select and enter only one move for you own color (your move) and then enter all possible moves of your opponent in response to your move. 
Please note this app is not a PGN viewer, it's a training tool. Many apps already exist to explore chess openings variants, but it's not the purpose of this app.
This app will rather help you to execute your opening plan. The perfect execution of this plan will give you a serious advantage against any opponent.

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