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Edit Opening

The edit opening screen allows you to enter moves into the current opening. You can enter moves manually by moving pieces on the board, or automatically by importing a PGN file. You can also add graphics such as colored arrows and squares (with a long press on the board) to illustrate tactical points.


Allows you to enter a comment for the current position.


Allows you to go back to initial position.


Allows you to go back to the previous branch split.


Allows you to go back to the previous position. A long press will also go back to the previous branch split.


Allows you to flip the board.


Allows you to import (or export) a PGN file.


Starts (or stops) the Stockfish chess engine and displays the two best moves (1st  = gold, 2nd = silver) for the current position. This icon is flashing green when the engine is on.


Allows you to execute the current move (or the selected move if there is more than one possible move).


Allows you to enter the probability of occurrence (low, normal or high) of the selected move during a game.


Allows you to delete the selected move.

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A long press on the board allows you to set the current position as a favorite or to copy the FEN of the current position to clipboard.
It also allows you to add graphics (colored arrows and squares) to illustrate tactical points.

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