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Import / Export PGN File


Portable Game Notation (PGN) is a plain text computer-processible format for recording chess games (both the moves and related data), supported by many chess programs.

To import (or export) a PGN file (filename.pgn), click on the PGN import / export  button, then select a PGN file to import (or enter the filename to export to).


Note that only one move per position will be imported for the opening’s color while all opponent’s moves will be imported. When importing moves, the highest priority is given to the games located at the top of the PGN file (or to the main variation in case of a PGN including many games variants).

If for a given position, the best move of the opening’s color has already been processed, and a new move for the same position is found later on, it will be ignored and the import process will go on with the next game of the PGN file.

Similarly this also applies to moves that were manually entered prior to the PGN import process (these moves will have higher priority over the newly imported moves).


PGN files can be downloaded from many different websites such as PGN Mentor:

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